Celebrating Native American Heritage Month!

The Native American Research Project

“We Shall Remain,” a multifaceted project exploring the Native American ingenuityand perseverance over the course of more than three centuries
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The project is completed by English 11 Core classes and inclusion classes as a part of the theme of the American Dream in which Native Americans represent the shattered dream. It is assigned in the month of November to observe Native American Heritage month. In the first year, students created Wordles on the Westward Expansion as an introduction. Then they formed collaborative groups and selected tribes from all over the country. The integrated technology was Prezi and Microsoft PowerPoint. In the second year, our focus was on Virginia tribes and their similarity to tribes across America. Twenty-six tribes were represented with half of them being from Virginia and the surrounding areas. The integrated technology was expanded to include Edmodo, Glogster, Tackk, Thinglink, Zooburst, Narrable, Animoto, and Dropbox for storage. The research tool, Easybib, was used to create bibliographies for all projects. Wordle was used for the final reflection.

Focus of Research: Native American Tribes Then and Now: their Leaders, Histories, Traditions, and their Relentless Quest to keep their heritage alive. Students chose a Native American Tribe to study and created groups for collaboration. Each student conducted introductory research on the tribe. Then the groups split up responsibilities in order to research historical traditions and modern day practices on specific topics (food, weapons, housing, etc). Students collaborated through small groups in Edmodo. Each group created one technology presentation, and members brought in an item to present/share with the audience.

Reflections & Comments
Interviewers: Devon M. and JulieAnn S., Journalism and Media club students
Photography Asst: Jonathan P., Technology Student Helper
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Interview I: Shannon Blanco, project lead teacherInterview II: Mr. Bruce Biehl, Principal and Dr. James Pohl, Executive Director of Secondary Teaching and LearningReflection 1A: Click here! Reflection 4A: Click here!

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